Grief walks into our offices every day.

Grief follows closely behind the client who comes in with panic attacks.

Grief hides within the ethers in the client who has struggled with depression for most of his life.

Grief rumbles inside the client who has anger management issues.

Grief is in the shadows of the client who has been taking care of her mom with dementia.

Grief bounces in the kid who was adopted.

Grief screams in the client whose husband suicided 5 years ago.

Are you doing everything you can to uncover the GRIEF and help your clients heal?

Meet Debi Jenkins Frankle LMFT,
Loss & Grief Expert and Trainer

Training and supporting mental health professionals and counselors with grief trainings and resources so you can be prepared to deal with your clients’ grief.

Grief is one of the top 3 reasons clients seek our help.

I truly believe that underneath the presenting symptoms that our clients bring to us, there are significant losses that frequently are unrecognized and unacknowledged while their grief lies inside and limits their ability to experience joy and connection with others. Join me to discover more tools and resources so you can feel more confident to address your clients’ grief and help them transform their lives.

FREE: Upcoming webinar on November 2, 2019 at 9 am (YES!! It will be recorded!)

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